Every month, we highlight one of our amazing Consultants so you can get to know the Morgan Hunter Healthcare team a little better! This month, we spoke with Infor Lawson HR Consultant Teresa Lewis. Find out more about Teresa in our Consultant Spotlight! 

How long have you worked for Morgan Hunter Healthcare?

One year and 6 months.

Can you briefly explain what you do for Morgan Hunter Healthcare?

I am currently an Infor/Lawson HR Consultant at a prominent university medical center.

What made you decide to work with Morgan Hunter Healthcare?

Morgan Hunter Healthcare contacted me concerning a position which was open in my field. I have found them to be a solid organization, providing me with what I need in a timely fashion. Being fairly compensated, I have never had to worry about payroll as I am paid and reimbursed on a weekly basis for my services. They have always honored their commitments, allowing them to stand alone in comparison to other firms. Their recruiters and support personnel have been knowledgeable and great to work with!

What do you enjoy most about working with the Morgan Hunter Healthcare team?

The professional way they recruit and supply a consultant with the tools needed to onboard at a client’s site. When I first started with the organization, they were instrumental in helping me get situated and acclimated to a new city. I really appreciated the extra effort and care they provided me!

What do you think are the biggest challenges healthcare organizations will be facing in the coming years?

Hiring professional workers willing to do the job as required. Or finding employees who are experienced in any software that drives the organization. Historically, healthcare organizations have found it difficult to find people who actually know the system(s) they are supporting and over the coming years, it will be important to continue to identify people who can put the pieces of the puzzle together in complex environments.

Where do you see the healthcare IT industry going in the next 5 years?

Merging into the Cloud with IT needs, however, the local software will remain in-house, leaving a void in the employees who know how to use the software. Most healthcare facilities have to hire without experience and train after.


Interested in becoming a Consultant with Morgan Hunter Healthcare?

We are continually looking for the most talented and experienced Healthcare IT candidates on the market. Contact a Sr. Recruiter today to learn more about our current opportunities.