Ready or Not, the Cloud is Coming in 2014

The healthcare industry is making a big move to cloud computing as physicians increasingly use electronic drug prescriptions. The cloud computing market is expected to grow by more than 20 percent from 2012. And most of that is from physicians using e-prescribing: electronic prescribing increased from under 10 percent of physicians in 2004 to about… Read more »

Meaningful Use Stage 2 – Will There Be More Changes?

It certainly is not a sure thing, but healthcare IT officials are reasonably sure that there will be no additional changes to Stage 2 guidelines for Meaningful Use. The reasoning behind this opinion is that such regulatory changes would require the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to first post a notice of the… Read more »

Guidance Outlines FDA’s Approach to Mobile Medical Apps

Imagine your child has type 1 diabetes.  As a parent, you constantly worry about your child’s insulin level.  Your little one goes off to school and you hope they remember to check their levels and stay healthy. Now imagine being able to track your child’s insulin with an app on your smartphone. These remote monitoring… Read more »

Mobile Health Apps Projected to be a Multibillion Dollar Industry by 2017

In the age of tablets and apps, more people are turning to electronic devices to manage their health. Apps are being adopted faster than they can be developed. According to recent data, consumers are expected to spend about $26 billion by 2017 on mobile health applications! Within five years about half of all mobile phone… Read more »

Mobile Health Data and Security

More physicians, and other healthcare professionals and facilities, today are using mobile devices to store, send and receive health information. As with other electronic devices, security is an ongoing concern. Healthcare providers need to be sure they are not unknowingly allowing unauthorized access to protected health information. To prevent this, there are a number of… Read more »

Meaningful Use Stage 2: What’s Included in this Stage

Meaningful Use Stage 1 is almost history, as the deadline for its implementation (October 1) is coming up quickly, and healthcare providers will now be moving on to Stage 2. Providers will have to get ready to shift gears because there are a lot of changes for Stage 2. Stage 1 focused more on the… Read more »

Increasing Healthcare Productivity Through Mobile Applications

Information technology has brought productivity increases in many areas, and it has the potential to increase productivity in healthcare as well. One area where technology is likely to have a major productivity impact is with mobile applications. Recent surveys show that there is a significant trend of physicians using mobile applications in their practices. Although… Read more »

Google Glass: What This Means for the Medical Community

Google Glass – the technology that could have far-reaching implications for information technology in general and information technology for healthcare. What is Google Glass? It is a computer that you wear, like glasses, with a display that is mounted to your head. It can be voice activated, meaning that you do not need to use… Read more »

Understanding the Role of the National Health IT Policy Committee

If you are involved in healthcare, one of the organizations you may want to monitor is the Health IT Policy Committee. This is a federal advisory committee that is helping to put together a national health IT policy. The Committee gives recommendations on health IT policy issues to the national coordinator for health IT policy…. Read more »

Is Your Facility at Risk Because of Security Shortages?

With the amount of work being done online and the huge number of online transactions, maintaining the privacy and integrity of digital information becomes a big issue. Cybersecurity has become a major problem as vulnerabilities emerge in online systems. Even though the need for protection is increasing, the shortage of IT professionals who know about… Read more »