Meditech’s Healthcare Information System (HCIS) is a suite of products that when integrated in a healthcare facility or hospital, it streamlines the care of patients through ease of data management and storage.  The system is designed to capture, store, and display administrative and clinical data within a hospital, health system, or medical practice.  What are the opportunities this information system offers its users?

Optimizing Your System

Once Meditech has been implemented in a healthcare facility, staff members complete in-depth training. Many hospitals find that while their employees can use Meditech easily after training, they may not be taking full advantage of the system capabilities or recent updates and features. If the organization has a high turnover rate in staff, the training and knowledge of the system may not be passed on to new team members. Other common issues organizations may face are if their business objectives evolve or their processes change, and they do not utilize Meditech to assist in this transition.

These are several examples of how a healthcare organization may not be using Meditech to its full extent. It may be time to step back and evaluate when your system was implemented, how it is being used now, and whether there are opportunities to optimize the system to better meet your objectives.

Meditech offers operational audits to the facilities that use their system, and their talented team will guide you through the process of taking advantage of HCIS. This audit is usually a part of your maintenance agreement, and the auditors can help you identify underutilized capabilities or a sub-optimal system build.  However, if your facility wants to start the process of the audit, evaluate your implementation of Meditech on your own by looking at the following modules and these questions:

LABORATORY – Have your laboratory systems changed? Does the setup of this module still work for your needs? Do you regularly use it to review laboratory, microbiology, blood bank and pathology results? Do you use it to facilitiate communication with other departments?

SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT – Do you find this module effective for supply chain management, and is it having a positive impact on your financial performance?

CLINICAL DOCUMENTATION – The Patient Care System (PCS) and Nursing (NUR) modules are often revised, so these applications may need to be rebuilt and reimplemented.

OPERATING ROOM MANAGEMENT – Are you using this suite to run all aspects of your operating room, including materials management, scheduling, clinical documentation, and complete statistical and reporting capabilities?

PHARMACY – Is your processing of medication orders changing? Are you prepared to implement electronic medication administration records (eMARs) and computerized physician order entry (CPOE)? Are you charging appropriately and using best practices?

REVENUE CYCLE IMPROVEMENT – The revenue cycle is impacted by almost every department within a hospital. Are you using this module to utmost effectiveness to: perform accurate patient and account identification; proper and timely charge capture; compliance with federal, state and payor requirements; timely and complete billing and claim submission and prompt cash posting? Can you provide all the supporting data necessary for department heads to take an active role in managing their revenue cycle responsibilities?

REPORTING – Does your staff have the knowledge to use Meditech to streamline processes and data collection and produce reports?

Take the time to answer these questions, and you may discover more to using Meditech.  For more information on the latest developments in Meditech, or to find consulting resources who are up- to-date on healthcare IT technology, contact Morgan Hunter HealthCare. We specialize in HCIS project/staff augmentation consulting, assessments, implementations, migrations, upgrades, project management and Client Activation Support Services (CASS) for healthcare systems across the United States and Canada.

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