Pretty young employee looking at her colleague during discussion of data


Engagement is more than just a buzzword. It has a significant impact on your business in areas ranging from retention to profits. Not only do engaged employees feel more passionate about and connected to their employers, but they’re also more productive as a result. Follow these tips to boost engagement at your company:

Tip #1: Put employees first.

Ask your employees whether they have the support, training and resources needed to do their jobs properly. In a time when workers are doing more than ever, and taking on added tasks, it’s critical that you make sure every employee feels they have what is needed to be as productive as possible in their positions. This may change regularly, which is why you should check-in often with your staff.

Tip #2: Clearly communicate goals, expectations and vision.

Employees cannot be productive if they don’t understand what’s expected of them. So communicate with them on a consistent basis about individual goals you’ve set forth for each and how the results they achieve impact the company as a whole.

Tip #3: Get to know your team members.

This doesn’t mean you need to be everyone’s best friend. But the more you know your employees on a personal level, the better you’ll be at managing and motivating them. When you make an effort to get to know them and show an interest in their wellbeing, you’ll also go a long way in building employee loyalty.

Tip #4: Train, re-train and cross-train.

The more knowledge your employees have, the bigger assets they will be to your company. Not only that, but by offering continual ways to learn and build new skills, you’re also encouraging them to fulfill their potential, which will increase engagement and on-the-job satisfaction.

Tip #5: Recognize your employees.

Your team members deserve to know that you appreciate their work. After all, if you don’t appreciate them, then why are you paying them? Not only that, but when you make employee recognition a priority, you can benefit from a positive, productive, and more engaged workforce.

Tip #6: Ask for feedback.

It’s hard to ask for feedback, especially when you know some of it’s going to be constructive. However, when you understand where employees are coming from and how they view you, you’re opening up the lines of communication. You’re also gaining valuable information that can help you become a better leader, which has a positive net effect on employee retention and productivity.

Employees feel like they can come to you with issues and concerns, rather than repressing them or looking for an opportunity elsewhere because they’re not happy. So go ahead, ask: “What would you like to see me do differently?”