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As 2017 approaches, it’s time for employers to start reevaluating their staffing plans. Employers will face many changes in the upcoming year. Here are just a few of the expected hiring trends for 2017:


Improving the candidate experience

In a recent study by Workplace Trends, 60 percent of job seekers have had a poor candidate experience, and 72 percent of them have posted about it online. As top talent gets harder to find, many companies will focus on ways to improve their candidate experience in 2017. Failing to update candidates on their application status, unclear application instructions, a long hiring process and a failure to notify candidates when a position is filled can all result in a bad candidate experience. Many employers have recognized these shortcomings and are aiming to remedy them in the coming year.

Generation Z entering the workplace

Next year will mark the first full year with Generation Z, typically defined as those born around the mid-90’s, in the workplace. Studies have found that Generation Z embraces new technology (and are very tech savvy), value entrepreneurship, and prefer a job with growth opportunities over one with a high salary. One of the biggest challenges for employers will be retaining these young workers since, per a recent survey, 83 percent said that they plan to spend three years or less at their first job.

Increased recruiting on social media

As more and more candidates turn to social media for their job search, employers are doing the same in their hunt for the perfect candidate. According to a study by Jobvite, 92 percent of recruiters and hiring managers use social media to find quality candidates for their open positions. That number is expected to increase in 2017. Most use LinkedIn, but other social platforms like Facebook and Twitter are increasingly utilized for recruitment. Many experts predict that employers will increase their investment in social media recruiting in 2017.

More competition for talent

As unemployment dips below five percent, and the private sector continues to add thousands of jobs each month, there will be more competition for talent in 2017. Many employers, used to the Recession-era employer-driven job market, will need to rethink their talent acquisition strategies in 2017 to reflect the new employment landscape. Expect many employers to improve benefits, offer flexible schedules and other perks to attract the best candidates.

Increase in partnerships with staffing & consulting firms

According to LinkedIn, over 50 percent of 2017 recruiting budgets will go to job boards and staffing agencies. As talent gets harder to find, Healthcare organizations are increasingly developing partnerships with staffing & consulting firms to reach hard-to-find Healthcare IT professionals. At Morgan Hunter Healthcare, we specialize in full-life-cycle Health Information System project/staff augmentation for healthcare systems across the United States and Canada. Healthcare organizations work with Morgan Hunter Healthcare because many of our Consultants have clinical backgrounds and the ability to develop targeted solutions informed by years of experience with various EHR systems.

If you would like to learn more about how Morgan Hunter Healthcare can help you find the Healthcare IT talent you need, contact us today.