You know it’s important to stay up-to-date on IT news and to continually develop your skills in an ever-evolving IT world. But as any busy IT professional knows, it’s not always that easy. With a job that takes up much of your day, it’s hard to find time to keep up with new tech trends and learn new skills. What can you do?

Podcasts can be a great resource. In addition to IT industry news, many podcasts provide practical advice and tips that you can use in your career. Here are 5 IT podcasts that are worth a listen:

RunAs Radio

This weekly podcast is great for IT professionals working with Microsoft products. Launched in 2007, RunAs Radio is one of the longest-running IT podcasts out there. Each 30-minute episode features host Richard Campbell and guest experts discussing a wide range of topics, including Azure, Compliance/Governance/Policy, Virtualization, PowerShell, and DevOps.

This Week in Enterprise Tech

A Spinoff of the popular This Week in Tech podcast, This Week in Enterprise Tech is focused on IT professionals working in an enterprise setting. Each week, host Lou Maresca explores the ins and outs of enterprise solutions. More than a recap of the week’s tech news, This Week in Enterprise Tech gives listeners real-world advice and solutions you can put into practice in your career.

Risky Business

If you’re in charge of information security at your job, then Risky Business is a must listen. Offering an analysis of the week’s IT security news and in-depth interviews, this podcast has been praised countless times by the InfoSec community. Not only will they delve into the latest security breaches around the world, but the podcast will also give you real insight that you can use at your job.


Debug is a great podcast for Apple developers. Hosted by Guy English, an iOS developer, and Rene Ritchie, iMore editor-in-chief, this podcast is geared toward IT professionals developing software and services for the iPhone, iPad, Mac and iOS games. Featuring interviews with well-known developers, this podcast isn’t afraid to go in-depth and tackle the geeky details of development.

The Cloudcast

This weekly podcast hosted by Aaron Delp and Brian Gracely focuses on all things cloud computing. Topics include Open Source, AWS, Azure, DevOps, SaaS and Big Data. The podcast regularly features industry thought-leaders and organizational leaders whose companies are changing the IT industry.


As mentioned before, podcasts can be a great resource for anyone looking to learn about the latest IT trends or build their skills. Hopefully, these 5 will help get you started.


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