As an IT professional, you’re in demand. There are many more job openings than there are workers to fill them. However, that’s not to say you can sit back and relax.

Instead, if you want to stay a step ahead of your peers, you should always be learning and growing. And while it’s important to remain on top of the latest trends in technology, it’s also critical that your soft skills are just as strong as your technical ones.

Which should you be most focused on developing? Here’s a look at five of them:


From developing new software to updating apps, you have to first identify with the end user. What are their needs and challenges? How will your product help meet or overcome them? Without an understanding of the customer and what their experience is like, you won’t be able to build the best product for them.


Whether in the brainstorming phase or the rollout, communication is critical for tech professionals. For instance, it’s imperative to get company leadership to buy into your vision for what’s possible through a product you want to develop. Or, once it’s complete, you have to be able to communicate the best ways to use it in a clear way to a non-tech audience.


Whether you’re trying to find the solution to a company challenge, or you’re striving to gain new skills and abilities, being curious will always serve you well in your IT role. This is especially true considering the fact that most technology becomes obsolete after about 18 months. So you need to be constantly learning about and exploring what’s next.


When it comes to the products you’re developing, you should be thinking about the big picture as a whole, not simply the details. When you do, you can ensure that you’re keeping business needs in mind as you’re working, such as how your project will impact other departments. This will ensure a more successful rollout and implementation.


Things often don’t go as planned, whether in the initial stages of a project or the final ones. When this happens, you need to be ready to pivot quickly and move toward a solution. Not only will flexibility help when there’s a challenge, but it will also keep your mind open to new possibilities and technologies as they emerge in your field.

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