Healthcare organizations are always looking for tools that will enable them to streamline process and be more efficient. With the McKesson STAR system, healthcare organizations can automate process throughout the entire revenue cycle, enabling them to better manage their daily clinical and financial operations.

The McKesson STAR system allows hospitals to determine patient coverage and their ability to pay for services. The technology also gives healthcare organizations the resources to better understand the true costs of the services they are providing. It enables hospitals and other care providers to access information that they need when negotiating contracts with vendors.

STAR 2000 Advantages

While McKesson offers many solutions, one of their most popular systems is STAR 2000. The STAR 2000 operates in an open systems environment, compatible with many different hardware platforms. The software includes patient accounting, financial and clinical information and specific records for patients including radiology, pharmacy and laboratory information.

The STAR 2000 is based on the UNIX or Linux computer operating system, and meets all of the industry standards, including HL7. It allows hospitals and other healthcare organizations to improve communications with other computer applications, ensuring that the healthcare organization’s information technology investment remains effective and efficient. All of the STAR platforms draw from one database for consistency and standardization throughout the entire hospital information system.

A Cost-Effective and Scalable System

Hospitals and health systems using STAR have experienced big improvements in key areas, including collections, reductions in denied claims and claims on hold, reductions in days for accounts receivable, millions in reductions of unbilled accounts, and decreases in failed claims.

The STAR system can operate in any sized medical facility, whether a small clinic or a large hospital. The user friendly interface makes accessing management information, patient accounting and other operations easier. The system also allows users to access the internet for clinical data or transmission of patient information to other vendors.

Improved Workflow Processes

The STAR system allows improved access management, enabling healthcare organizations to quickly access information such as insurance eligibility and ability to pay. It also can improve workflow process, allowing physicians to quickly and easily order and schedule and check medical necessity during registration, thereby reducing Medicare denials and increasing reimbursement. The STAR system allows physicians and hospital staff to accurately authorize services, validate coverage for payment, assess payment risk, and even schedule resources before a patient arrives.

The STAR systems offers a revenue and accounting cycle that is fully automated, which enables organizations to meet the payment challenges facing them today, all while protecting the health of their bottom line. Optimizing the revenue cycle through STAR technology will also enable healthcare organizations to meet tomorrow’s challenges, including healthcare reform, bundled payments, pay for performance, government audits, and other regulatory changes.

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