Morgan Hunter Healthcare offers a diverse solutions suite in the Infor space for Healthcare organizations who desire the ability to effectively manage costs, care, and risk through an advanced Enterprise Resource Planning tool. By engaging our Sr. Infor Healthcare Consultants, you will realize the benefits associated with securing the most talented resources available. Our Consultants, many of which have a clinical background, understand the complexities associated with the Infor ERP system. More importantly, they possess the requisite knowledge and expertise to ensure favorable outcomes when implementing Infor as a new ERP system or optimizing the Infor system that is already in place.

Your Infor Lawson Healthcare Partner

Partner with Morgan Hunter Healthcare to transform the integration, planning, tracking, and management of your healthcare organization’s vital assets, including people, supplies, clinical data, relationships, and financial resources. Our Infor Consultants are experts and readily available to provide solutions that will ensure favorable outcomes including Streamlined Processes and Workflows while ultimately Improving Patient Safety and Care.

Application Expertise for all Challenges 

Infor Healthcare Applications supported include:

  • Human Capital Management
  • Financial Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Enterprise Performance
  • Relationship Management
  • Clinical Interoperability

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