“The resources Morgan Hunter Healthcare provided were knowledgeable, professional and patient.  We received very good feedback from our end users who really appreciated the extra support given to them as they tried to remember their training and take care of patients in front of them.”

– Director of Financial and Administrative Systems
  Maryland Client

“Morgan Hunter Healthcare has been and continues to be, a vendor for the past 6 years. They have supplied quality consulting services for our Cerner implementation, and now our current Epic implementation. Morgan Hunter Healthcare has provided us with very qualified and experienced services/resources that have led to successful deliverables. They have invested time and energy into knowing and understanding our organization, our management staff, and our culture/environment. Morgan Hunter Healthcare continues to provide quality services in meeting our project needs. Their management routinely performs quality checks with phone calls, scheduled onsite visits and is actively involved with the performance evaluation process. These quality monitors also provide us the security in knowing Morgan Hunter Healthcare is a company that cares for its consultant staff, which in turn provides higher quality results on our projects.

As a vendor of HIS services, I highly recommend Morgan Hunter Healthcare as a quality company and


– Director of Information Service and Technology
  Maryland Client

“We have used your staff to augment our own IT staff, and they have performed above expectations.  They were seasoned professionals who readily adapted to our systems and procedures, and provided exceptional value to the projects we assigned them.”

– Chief Technology Officer
  Wisconsin Client

“Our organization partnered with Morgan Hunter Healthcare to provide both consultant and elbow-to-elbow support for nine acute care facilities transitioning to a new maternity EMR. This was to be a year-long rollout. Morgan Hunter Healthcare was able to understand and resource our specific needs, such as requiring support staff to be nurses with labor and delivery or women’s services backgrounds, as well as being experts with Cerner Power Chart Maternity. This process was a positive experience and occurred quickly as they clearly understood our requirements and have the resources at their disposal to source accordingly.

Morgan Hunter Healthcare has been professional and excellent to work with while partnering with us on this major project. If any questions or concerns arose, Morgan Hunter Healthcare was always available and very prompt to help resolve any issues.We have appreciated the collaboration and look forward to engaging Morgan Hunter Healthcare again for future projects.”

– Director, Clinical Applications
  Texas Client

“It gives me great pleasure to recommend Morgan Hunter Healthcare (MHHC) for any MEDITECH Implementation and Management Consulting Projects. MHHC Consultants have been responsible for managing the Project Scope, Timeline, Milestones, Testing, Go-Live Support, and Optimization. Additionally, they have transferred their seasoned knowledge to my team to ensure strong operation support continues after the project is finished. MHHC’s performance went beyond our expectations. Since MHHC’s Consultants have been working with me and other team members, they have gained the trust and respect of many of their peers and the entire staff.

Their services have been invaluable to us and have always exceeded the minimum requirements of any task. Their Consultants have spent many weeknights and weekends to ensure the smooth operation in my absence and to meet the project milestones. MHHC’s Consultants are always eager and never hesitate to step up to take the lead on a project when their services are needed.

Qualities that MHHC Consultants demonstrate are punctuality, collaboration, team collaboration, analytical skills, and effective interpersonal skills. MHHC’s Consultants have good communication skills and an excellent presentation style. During the Parallel Testing and Go-Live events with the physicians and clinical staff, they effectively demonstrated their expertise by quickly assessing challenging situations and offering sound solutions. They have been instrumental in alerting us to potential problems, helping us avoid system downtime and user frustration during the Go-Live. The result of their services translated into achieving the highest physician adoption rate (90%) of CPOE within our health system.

MHHC always offers their best and does not quit until the job is done, and done right. It has been my pleasure to work with MHHC, and I have gained much knowledge from them. I would say MHHC holds my highest recommendation. You will be very pleased with their dynamic MEDITECH knowledge and I can honestly say that MHHC will be a real asset to your team.”

– Executive Nursing Director, Clinical Information Services
  California Client

“Your team was immensely helpful with our 322-bed hospital client that has been stalled getting us access to some of their data. When your associate started talking to them they LISTENED and that was the turning point. Once they knew that they were speaking to someone that spoke their language and was at least their equal, they focused on the issues at hand and developed a solution quickly. They also showed a sense of urgency and committed to solving the problem in 1 ½ workdays. If you knew how many months we had been beating our head against the wall of indifference and an “it can’t be done” attitude, you would understand how remarkably rewarding it was to see this turnaround and quick response.

The impact of your firm’s reputation and competence were wonderful to watch and we benefitted significantly from it, and so did our client.

We generally get recommendation letters; this is one of a very few I can remember writing.”

-Partner Firm Executive
Texas Client