Healthcare regulations and requirements are an ongoing challenge. Costs are increasing, systems are undergoing continuous change to meet regulatory requirements, and staffs are inundated with current workloads. Faced with these costly challenges, organizations implement temporary workarounds to support ongoing needs. Processes are developed utilizing the temporary workarounds and are not reevaluated, resulting in an inefficient system.

Morgan Hunter Healthcare helps organizations optimize current operations and focus on ways to improve and streamline processes.

Our Optimization Approach:


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Successful optimization begins with an in-depth discussion with organizational leadership. We work with you to confirm your organization’s strategic objectives and establish Key Performance Indicators to measure project success.


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After evaluating current process performance and strategic objectives, we conduct a GAP analysis. The result is a Report of Findings outlining opportunities for improvements and recommended solutions.


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Our assessment culminates in a Report of Findings — including a detailed analysis of processes, systems, and compliance issues — outlining opportunities for improvements.


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We work with you to implement system solutions through design, modifications, testing, training/ knowledge transfer and activation. Solutions may be narrow in scope or used for wide-spread organizational initiatives.


In the face of regulatory challenges, increased costs and heavy workloads, many healthcare information systems have become inefficient — negatively affecting patient care. System Optimization is the key to solving many of these challenges.

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