To get the most from MEDITECH’s EHR, you need an experienced partner who understands the complexities of this innovative software. Morgan Hunter Healthcare’s Sr. MEDITECH Consultants have the knowledge you require to get the most from your MEDITECH EHR system. We will work collaboratively with your team to deliver solutions resulting in:


Our history and proven methodology in the MEDITECH space will bring your executives, physicians, clinicians, financial and ancillary departments the comfort they seek and the solutions they desire.

Consultants for Every Platform

Whichever MEDITECH platform you employ — Expanse, Magic, Client Server or 6.x — we have seasoned Consultants and Subject Matter Experts to help you. With experience on multiple MEDITECH engagements, partnering with Morgan Hunter Healthcare will mitigate potential complications and successfully complete any MEDITECH project.

Optimize for Results 

Too often, healthcare organizations fail to realize the fullest capabilities of their MEDITECH EHR. Whether a result of overall staff tenure or turnover, knowledge gaps or lack of time to learn the newest updates and features, hospitals and healthcare systems often fall behind. By turning to Morgan Hunter Healthcare’s MEDITECH Optimization team, organizations realize great benefits while enhancing the overall patient experience as a direct result of getting the most out of its information technology. Our talented team of MEDITECH Subject Matter Experts will work with your leadership, key stakeholders, and end-users to meet and exceed your objectives, further enhancing the return on your MEDITECH investment. An in-depth assessment of your current MEDITECH EHR is a strong initial step toward an efficient and effective platform Optimization.

Subject Mater Experts for Every Application 

Our Sr. MEDITECH Consultants have extensive clinical, ancillary, financial, and technical experience, covering every MEDITECH Platform and Application. MEDITECH support includes:

Financial Applications

  • AP – Accounts Payable
  • B/AR – Billing Accounts Receivable
  • BF – Budget & Forecasting
  • ESS – Executive Support
  • FA – Fixed Assets
  • GL – General Ledger
  • MM – Materials Management
  • PP – Payroll & Personnel
  • HR – Human Resource
  • LSS/MPM – Medical Practice Management
  • CA – Cost Accounting

Administrative Applications

  • ADM – Admissions
  • CWS – Community Wide Scheduling
  • ABS – Abstracting
  • QM/RM – Quality & Risk Management
  • MRI – Medical Records
  • SCA – Scanning and Archiving
  • ARM – Authorization & Referral Management
  • SS – Staffing & Scheduling

Operational and Decision Support Applications

  • MIS – MIS
  • MOX – Magic Office
  • NMI – Non-MEDITECH Interfaces
  • DR – Data Repository
  • CMS – Corporate Management Software
  • NPR – Report Writer/Report Designer/NPF
  • RD/RW – Report Designer/Report Writer

GI – Continuing Care Applications

  • BH – Behavioral Health
  • LTC – Long Term Care

Clinical Applications

  • PCM/Physician’s Desktp/P-Doc
  • BBK – Blood Bank
  • LAB – Laboratory
  • MIC – Microbiology
  • PTH – Pathology
  • OE/POM/OM – Order Entry/Physician Order Management/Order Management
  • PCI/PCS/NUR – Patient Care Inquiry/Patient Care System/Nursing
  • PHA – Pharmacy
  • RAD – Radiology
  • BMV – Bedside Medication Verification
  • DPT – Departmental
  • EDM – Emergency Department
  • ORM – Operating Room Mangement
  • ITS – Imaging & Therapeutic Services
  • AOM/RXM – Ambulatory Order Management
  • NMI – Non-MEDITECH Interfaces
  • EMR – Enterprise Medical Record
  • ONC – Oncology
  • LSS/MPM – Medical Practice Management
  • Patient Portal

Partner with Morgan Hunter Healthcare

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