EHR Implementation

Electronic Health Record system adoption is an enormous financial investment. Poor planning and implementation puts quality of care at risk. You need a partner who can provide seasoned resources with implementation expertise.

Morgan Hunter Healthcare has partnered with multiple healthcare organizations throughout North America for all phases of EHR implementation. Our extensive network of experienced Consultants allows us to provide experts for every EHR vendor. Our Implementation experts are leaders in their field and have participated or led implementations with organizations like yours before. They have the knowledge necessary to develop complex implementation solutions to match any organization’s unique needs.


Implementation Methodology


Planning and Assessment

  • We provide a detailed work plan that outlines the scope, approach, task, deliverables, staffing and project management
  • Consultants will provide an educational/integration overview of system functionality for the implementation project team
  • During the Assessment phase, MHHC will meet with key project participants to validate current state and clarify opportunities for optimization


  • Consultants will work with personnel to determine system configuration, design, and necessary timelines to ensure success
  • At the close of the design phase, will provide you with application specific timelines, a documented strategy for standardization and integration, and an outline for preliminary parameter decisions

Development and Testing

  • We will assist you with development of data dictionaries
  • Consultant will assist the project core team with the development of a training plan outlining key training activities. The training plan will focus on the transition of current workflows, new process changes and new system functionality.
  • We work with you to develop training manuals for training sessions and end-user reference guides

Training and Evaluation

  • We will work with you to coordinate comprehensive system testing in order to ensure functionality is working according to specification.
  • Integration testing will be designed to explore dictionary and application integrity, along with the rollout of the re-engineered workflow processes
  • We conduct necessary house-wide testing in with a comprehensive Parallel run
  • Throughout Parallel run, hardware integration testing (also known as HIT testing) will be performed to ensure all hardware is fully operational and appropriately located for Go- Live

Navigating the complexities of system Implementation without an experienced team puts your financial investment and patient care at risk. You need a seasoned partner who is well versed in all stages of implementation.

Contact Morgan Hunter Healthcare today to discuss how our Consultants will ensure your organization achieves successful implementation.