Epic Systems manufactures software that aids healthcare facilities in the care of and data management for patients. This software is used by mid-size and large medical groups, hospitals, and integrated healthcare organizations. The company’s software is easily integrated and paired with other software management systems. This integrated software meets clinical requirements, provides financial and revenue functions for use by accounting departments, and can be accessed remotely.

Epic’s system is used daily throughout multiple healthcare facilities within many departments. The software offers features related to patient care, including: registration and scheduling; clinical systems for doctors, nurses, emergency personnel; systems for lab technicians, pharmacists and radiologists; and billing systems for accounting departments and insurers.

Integration and Accessibility

The software applications can be quickly installed and implemented, and are easily integrated with other systems. Patient information that is stored in the system can be accessed in two ways. The first way is through the Care Everywhere application, where physicians control the flow of data. The Care Everywhere application offers a platform that is designed to cohesively communicate and provide all pertinent information to physicians. Another feature of the Care Everywhere application is if the patient moves to an alternate healthcare facility in another town or state, his or her record can be accessed just as easily by their medical professionals.

The second way the system allows for access to patient information is through the MyChart portal. MyChart allows patients the advantage of being able to access the chart that is used by their doctors. Through MyChart, patients can schedule appointments and get test results. A specific health record in MyChart is called Lucy. Lucy is a personal health record that is independent of any EMR system, allowing it to go with the patient wherever he or she may seek treatment. It also enables the patient to organize his or her medical information all in one place for ease of sharing with other professionals. The Care Everywhere system also can pull information from Lucy so that it is available to clinicians.

Installation and Simplification

The installation and support for Epic’s systems are completed entirely by the company itself. The company employs clinicians, developers and process experts to develop and support its full-spectrum technology.

Epic also offers a specialized setup for hospitals called the Epic Care Inpatient Clinical System that covers all hospital departments and specialties. The EHR navigators are role-based and simplify the access to the information by physicians, nurses, therapists, dietitians, and other hospital providers. Tools integrated into the system include a medication reconciliation program, flow sheets and reports, care plans, outpatient support, clinical pathways, ICU support, and pharmacy integration.

In addition, the inpatient system shares documentation and computerized physician order entries with the rest of Epic’s clinical applications. This cuts down on duplication of documents, while maintaining a consistent user interface. The system provides real-time clinical decision support that helps protect patients and maintains compliance with best practices within the hospital.

Epic also allows hospitals to use computerized physician order entries more widely than other software systems. Because of this, hospitals that use Epic systems have a much higher percentage of physicians using and maintaining electronic medical records.

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