Cloud computing has become a mainstay of the business world because of the advantages it offers – the ability to store large amounts of information and deliver it on demand, allowing users powerful IT access without having to worry about IT maintenance.

It is also making big inroads in healthcare and is predicted to have a big impact in that area.

Because of economies of scale, the cloud can offer data protection that would be hard to match by just an individual hospital IT department. Cloud service providers are able to build large scale backup systems for all their data so that there is minimal chance of it being lost.

Cloud providers, again because of size and economies of scale, are also able to provide greater data security than an individual hospital IT department could. Security measures have to be incorporated into all of the cloud applications, since that is the way the service is delivered. This may not be true at the hospital level. In the cloud, information stored on its servers is encrypted. Cloud providers also adhere to all of the privacy and security guidelines required by HIPAA regulations.

Cloud providers can also adapt and update their systems much more quickly, again because of economies of scale. And they can do it inexpensively without affecting service to customers. This offers advantages to healthcare organizations that use cloud providers because it relieves the healthcare provider of any IT maintenance. The healthcare organization does not have to worry about any operating systems or software – it’s all on the cloud, and all serviced by the cloud provider.

Because of the way it is structured, cloud computing makes it possible for many different users to access the same documents, and to access them from any location. And this also makes it work well with mobile applications. When a healthcare organization has all of its data and computing software in the cloud, employees can access the data anywhere and at any time.

The cloud has an open format system, meaning that it is easier for people with different operating platforms to share information. With the cloud, users also get increased efficiency of use, integrating easily into existing hardware systems, and having access to and using the latest software.

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