Millions of people are using mobile wellness applications like Apple HealthKit and Fitbit to record their personal health data. And many healthcare companies are devising ways to integrate this data, called Patient Generated Health Data (PGHD), into patients’ medical records.

One such organization, Validic, recently announced a partnership with Electronic Health Record vendor MEDITECH. Utilizing Validic’s digital health platform, MEDITECH will integrate clinical, fitness, and wellness data to help deliver more efficient remote patient monitoring, home care, patient discharge management and wellness initiatives.

“Today’s healthcare environment is value-based and outcome-driven, which means healthcare providers need to evaluate every aspect of their patients’ health, not just those factors that contributed to their latest doctor’s appointment,” Howard Messing, President and Chief Executive Officer of MEDITECH, said.

“Millions of people are now using many available mobile wellness applications, so we’re leveraging Validic’s digital health platform to capture that clinical and fitness data and seamlessly integrate it into the patient’s electronic health record. Providers will have a fuller, more complete understanding of their patients’ health and habits, ultimately benefiting providers and patients alike.”

With so many mobile healthcare technologies, many companies, including Validic, are trying to solve the problem of integrating and managing PGHD to eventually make it seamlessly connect with patients’ Electronic Health Records.

“Healthcare organizations are seeking ways to quickly and securely access patient data to deliver more meaningful population management, patient engagement, and disease state analytics,” Validic CEO Ryan Beckland said. “Validic brings this value to healthcare companies.”