Candidates may look good on paper, but are their skills up to par? One way to tell is through the use of assessment testing. As leading Kansas City technical recruiters, Morgan Hunter Healthcare knows that assessments can help you identify those who have the right skills for the job – and make a smart hiring decision in the process.

For instance, you may have a sense that a certain candidate is just right for a technical role at your company. But how can you really be sure? Through the use of assessment testing, you can remove any unconscious bias you may have and elicit real data that will help you make the best choice for your team. The end result may reinforce the gut instinct you’ve had all along, or it might defy it. Whatever the case, it will improve your hiring outcome.

So how can you leverage all that assessment testing has to offer? Consider these tips:

  • First, know your needs. In other words, what skills, attitudes and behaviors must a candidate have to be successful on the job? There are many types of assessments available; some measure behavioral style while others measure a person’s ability to deal with stress. So you need to think about what it is you want to measure. Don’t just use an assessment because it’s popular or well-known.
  • Second, look for patterns. For example, if you have existing workers in similar roles, consider what makes them successful. Ask them to take the assessments to see if there are any patterns in behavior, attitude or skill set. This can be valuable in determining if the assessment gives you results that make sense. As you use a particular assessment more and more, you will also continue to see other patterns emerge.

Don’t have time to take advantage of all that assessments have to offer? Then look to your staffing and recruiting partner for help. They can handle the process for you, so you can leverage the power of assessments, without having to invest the time and resources necessary to properly facilitate them. As a result, you can measure a candidate’s skill level with certainty, identify high quality candidates more quickly and easily, and gain a competitive edge by hiring higher quality employees.

Whether you manage the assessments yourself, or outsource the process to a staffing or recruiting firm, the end result is far more valuable than simply trusting the candidate’s own self assessments and work history.

If you’d like professional help with your hiring assessments, call Morgan Hunter Healthcare. As leading Kansas City technical recruiters, we specialize in recruiting technology professionals, ranging from Chief Information Officers to Desktop Support. All candidates are rigorously screened and tested by our consultants to ensure their technical compatibility, and to identify the personality traits that will allow them to blend smoothly into your organization. Contact us today to learn more.