This Veterans Day, let us not forget the men and women who have sacrificed so much for us by serving in our Armed Forces. Many come home to find an unforgiving job market, searching for work only to find few opportunities available.

Could your business use a hard-working, extremely motivated employee? Hire a veteran. There are multiple benefits to hiring a veteran at your company:


Considering it could cost up to 150 percent of a departing employees’ salary to replace them, employee loyalty is an immense cost benefit. Veterans know how important loyalty is for productivity and team unity. They’ve seen how loyalty to the mission and the organization as a whole can equal success. They’ve had the importance of loyalty ingrained in them. And they bring that loyalty with them when they transition to civilian life.

Hiring employees who become loyal to your company is extremely beneficial to your business. Loyal employees work hard and are committed to the success of the business. They recognize that company loyalty turns into company profit, in turn bettering their own careers. Hiring veterans will mean your company has a greater chance of obtaining an immensely loyal employee.

Superior Work Ethic

You would be hard pressed to find potential employees with a stronger work ethic than those who have served in our armed forces. Veterans are some of the most hard working people out there. From day one of basic training, our military personnel begin to develop a strong work ethic. While serving, there are no times for breaks. Holidays, weekends, family events — veterans had to work during all of them. You can bet that vets will bring the strong work ethic they developed in the military to your organization when you hire them.

Proven Leaders

The military is, by far, better at producing leaders than any private corporation. Through extensive training and education, military personnel learn the concepts of leadership from day one. They first learn to effectively accept direction from other leaders, and many go on to take leadership roles themselves. Military leaders have experience managing their emotions in high-pressure situations. They are experienced motivators and delegators. When you hire a vet, rest assured that they bring the leadership experience necessary for success.

Excellent communication skills

Surveys consistently cite communication skills as the number one soft skill employers are looking for in their next employee. For these employers, hiring veterans would be extremely beneficial. When serving, our armed forces members have to learn to clearly communicate their directives. Miscommunication can not only result in a failed mission, it could also result in lives lost. Therefore, communication is paramount in the military.

Overcoming Adversity

Many veterans have had to overcome extreme adversity, both in their personal and military lives. While serving, vets can be faced with adversity every day. It could be as simple as completing a training mission, or it could be as serious as fighting the enemy during war. When these service members leave the military and return home, many face adversities when trying to assimilate back into civilian life. And some must overcome physical disabilities as a result of their service. When looking for an employee who can overcome extreme challenges, look to veterans — these men and women have proven their resolve in the face of adversity.


This Veterans Day, take time to honor those who serve our country. But don’t forget, many of them come back only to fall short of finding a meaningful career. If you have opportunities at your organization, consider hiring a veteran. It may possibly turn out to be the best hiring decision you’ve ever made.