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Celebrate your healthcare IT employees during National Health IT Week Sept. 23-27


Healthcare IT has come a long way in recent years. It wasn’t that long ago that all medical records were captured on paper. Now, nearly 99% of hospitals and health clinics have adopted EHR technology, enabling better patient care. None of this would be possible without the hard work of healthcare IT professionals.

As we approach National Health IT Week, now is the perfect time to recognize the valuable contributions healthcare IT professionals have made. Here are some ideas for how to show your appreciation.

Host a company-wide event

Let your entire organization know how much you appreciate your IT staff by hosting a company-wide event. Your event could include team-building exercises, games, food, and other fun things to celebrate your healthcare IT team.

Publicize your appreciation

National Health IT Week is a perfect time to praise your people on social media, in your internal newsletter, or in an email to clients. Plan posts during Health IT Week, telling your followers, fans and clients about the amazing contributions your healthcare IT team has made. You could recognize individual team members whose contributions have gone above and beyond, or celebrate your team as a whole. Your employees will enjoy the public appreciation.

Write them a thank you note

Don’t underestimate the power of a personalized thank you card. Handwritten thank you’s are a simple yet effective way to tell your healthcare IT employees that their hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Buy them lunch

People always enjoy free food. Give your employees a treat during Health IT Week and have lunch catered in the office or take them out to a restaurant for lunch on you.

Encourage feedback

Let your healthcare IT employees know their opinion is valued by soliciting their feedback. You could distribute a survey asking what you’re doing right and where your organization could improve, or simply create an anonymous suggestion box. This allows employees to feel heard and allows them to contribute to your organization beyond their job.


Healthcare IT has improved patient care tremendously in the past decade. During National Health IT Week, celebrate and raise awareness of the benefits of healthcare IT by recognizing the employees that helped make it happen.