Stressful people waiting for job interview


In an ideal world, your workforce would operate like a well-oiled machine. Yet, whether it’s due to market fluctuations, unpredictable demand, or internal challenges, staying productive and operating optimally can be hard. With so much to juggle – and so many unforeseen issues that can come your way – how do you keep your company humming along?

Part of the solution is successfully managing your staffing challenges. To help you, we’ve broken down 6 common staffing challenges many companies face and some strategies for overcoming them:

#1: Fluctuating workloads.

If your company has to deal with seasonal or predictable changes throughout the year, then there is a way to meet demand and control costs. It’s through temporary staffing. Use temporary employees during your peak periods to stay flexible and get the job done without increasing overhead.

#2: High labor costs.

Labor is the largest cost for most companies. How can you keep it in check at yours? Strategic staffing is key to maintaining profitability, reducing overhead and managing operating costs. Partner with a staffing agency to help you develop a strategic staffing plan to ensure you have the right mix of full-time and temporary workers in place, at the right times.

#3: Talent gap.

When you can’t find the people with the skills you need, productivity can suffer. But when you work with a staffing agency, you can leverage their robust network of qualified candidates, reducing your time to hire and gaining access to higher quality professionals. In addition, you can stay focused on your most important tasks, while the agency delivers the best-fit candidates.

#4: Expensive overtime.

Overtime gets expensive, fast. However, when you use temporary workers, rather than paying full-time staff overtime, you can reduce or even eliminate these expenses.

#5: High turnover.

Turnover happens at every company and some is even healthy. However, if you have a high turnover rate at your organization, then it’s costing you. But when you work with a staffing agency, they can not only help you fill a position on a temporary basis so the work gets done, but they can also help you source and screen candidates more effectively going forward. The end result? You hire better-fit talent that is less likely to leave.

#6: Taking on new opportunities.

New opportunities are a good thing. However, they can pose a challenge when you don’t have enough people, or the right people in the places. The good news is that a staffing company can help you make sure you have access to highly qualified professionals, where and when you need them. That way, you can take on new opportunities – rather than turn them down – and grow your company.