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When companies consider hiring a consultant, some might ask why. What is the point of hiring a consultant when there are full-time employees to solve the problem or execute the project? The short answer: consultants bring new knowledge and relevant experience that may not currently exist in the company.

Consultants are especially useful for niche industries like Healthcare IT. Top talent in this space is scarce. And when an organization needs a tech professional with specialized skills for the duration of a project, it may not make financial sense to hire another full-time employee.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of hiring a consultant:


Consultants have been around the block. It’s likely they have encountered the same problems in the past that you’re facing today. When executing an EHR project, you need someone to help identify potential roadblocks and reduce risks before they derail the whole project. Their experience can also save you money by reducing the time you would spend on solving problems and getting your projects completed on budget.

Outsider’s Perspective

Your employees can get tunnel vision when they’re deeply invested in a project. They get stuck in their ways, and may have trouble approaching a challenge from a different angle. Consultants benefit from having an outsider’s perspective. They act as an unbiased third-party whose only vested interest is the success of your project. You may not be able to see the solution, but consultants who come with fresh eyes can quickly spot what’s holding you back.

New Skill Set

When the scope or complexity of a project exceeds the abilities of your staff, hiring consultants is a great way to fill the gaps. Your employees may lack certain skills needed for a particular project. In this case, leverage a consultant’s skills. Using a consultant is especially beneficial if their skills are only needed for a short-term project. Bring them in to take advantage of their knowledge, then cut them loose when their skills are no longer needed.

Help Usher in Change

Change can be difficult, especially in the workplace. Employees are typically resistant to change. Change is viewed negatively, and it can be challenging to implement. Using a consultant to help usher in change is a great solution. Consultants are generally viewed as experts in their field, which can help gain buy-in from your employees. They can help effectively communicate the need for change, and assist with training your employees to implement changes.

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