EHR Artificial Intelligence


If you attended HIMSS18 earlier this month, you undoubtedly noticed that artificial intelligence (AI) was a hot topic. Many of the top EHR vendors announced plans to integrate AI in future versions of their EHR software.

One health system has already deployed AI technology. Ochsner Health System in Louisiana has started using AI from Epic and Microsoft that enables them to treat patients more proactively.

“As one of the first systems in the country to integrate AI into patient care workflows, the new capabilities deliver rich patient insights to Ochsner care teams in real time, using machine learning for clinical data to detect patients’ potential adverse health events more quickly and accurately,” Ochsner Health Systems said in a press release.

The announcement comes after a 90-day trial during which the Ochsner team was able to reduce adverse events outside of the Intensive Care Unit by 44 percent using the new Epic EHR.

“Cloud and AI technologies are helping health organizations around the world deliver better outcomes for patients,” Joseph Sirosh, corporate vice president, Cloud AI Platform at Microsoft, said. “Microsoft Azure and AI technologies, working together with Epic, help deliver more proactive, precise care. We’re thrilled to work with Epic and Ochsner to make the health system a unique place to receive care.”

Committed to staying on the cutting edge of innovative technology, Ochsner plans to implement Epic’s machine learning platform to other areas of the health system.

Allscripts also unveiled its new AI-enabled EHR, Avenel, at the HIMSS conference. Described as a mobile-first, cloud-based EHR, Avenel will use machine learning to reduce time for clinical documentation.

“We wanted to create a solution that drove a stake into the heart of clinicians’ frustrations about EHRs,” Paul Black, CEO of Allscripts, said. “We spent a great deal of time meeting with clients and industry leaders to better understand why providers have been so unhappy with the first wave of EHRs. They want technology that works like they work and thinks like they think.”

Allscripts says that their new EHR was created with app-like functionality, with tablet and mobile friendly swipe-and-tap navigation aimed at reducing the time clinicians take writing notes. They hope that this new functionality will lead to greater efficiency and better patient care.

As AI becomes more widely adopted and integrated into EHR software, care providers and vendors can look forward to better data and more intuitive EHR technology.


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