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At 2.2 years, Facebook has what’s considered a “long” retention rate for new hires. Google isn’t far behind with 1.9 years and Apple with 1.85 years. It’s an unfortunate reality of the industry that often the best tech professionals are the ones who are always searching for new and different opportunities.

So if these tech giants don’t enjoy good retention with their employees, how can your company? It’s all about helping your employees be successful from the very start. To ensure you’re setting top tech talent up for success, here are a few key tips to remember:

Welcome new hires.

This sounds like a no-brainer. But too many times, companies are so focused on their talent gap and getting new employees up and running that they fail to properly welcome them. If you don’t have a formal onboarding process in place, work with your Healthcare IT consulting firm to create one. Elements of it should include:

  • Talking with your new hire ahead of time about what to expect their first day, as well as essentials such as dress code, where to park and go for lunch, and other basic logistics.
  • Preparing a working area or office, and setting up their computer.
  • Preparing the receptionist for their arrival and being available to meet with them immediately.
  • Introducing them around the department and to key players at the company.
  • A welcome kit with a handwritten note, a company directory, and some branded company items.

Those first days on the job are nerve-wracking and most new hires will be wondering whether they made the right decision. But these seemingly small steps go a long way in making sure your new hire feels comfortable on their first day and in the weeks to come.

Assign a buddy.

Assign a department or company veteran to act as a buddy for your new hire. This should be a person who’s patient and personable. They should serve as a source of support and information beyond what’s offered during formal onboarding, from details on company politics and hierarchies to styles of individual managers. Your new hire will feel more comfortable, which can have a big impact on loyalty and retention.

Create a plan.

From the start, spend some time with your new hire getting to know them. Learn about their personality, strengths and where they want to take their career. You can then work with them to create a plan for the coming months that define goals and expectations. That way, they’ll be clear about what you need from them and how to prioritize tasks. It makes for smoother sailing – and happier, more productive employees.

Monitor and meet regularly.

Tech professionals are always looking for the next big challenge on the horizon. So make sure you’re regularly meeting and assessing progress, as well as looking for ways to help them learn and grow. You’ll be much more likely to retain them when they know there are plenty of rewarding possibilities ahead at your company.

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