All companies want to hire an employee that will be successful in the position, but figuring out a candidate’s drive isn’t always an easy task. Candidates can present a very different image of who they truly are in a job interview. How do you dig beneath the surface to determine whether a candidate has the self-motivation required to be successful in the position?

It all starts with asking the right questions. To help you, here are some examples:

“Tell me about our company.”

This revealing question will help you assess whether a candidate took initiative and did their homework. Did they research your company? Do they have a grasp on what you do, whom you serve and the challenges you face?

Some candidates will offer a quick, vague summary, while others will offer more insight and showcase their analytical ability, helping you hone in on the strongest candidates.

“If you got the job, what are the first three things you’d do?”

Some candidates will have thought this through; some will just be trying to get through the interview process. When you ask this question, you can identify those forward-thinking candidates who are not only genuinely interested in the position but who are already thinking ahead to how they’d make a positive impact on your organization.

“Tell me about a time you failed on the job.”

Drive and determination are connected to resiliency, which helps a candidate stay focused and on track, regardless of the obstacles that come their way. In addition, drive and motivation require some level of risk-taking.

If a candidate doesn’t have any answers for you when you ask this question, it could be an indication that they’ve stagnated in their career or aren’t willing to take on new projects, expand their skill set and learn, grow and develop.

“Do you have any hobbies or outside interests?”

Driven people aren’t only that way at work. This is a quality that’s evident throughout their personal lives as well. They’re engaged and typically have outside interests they’re passionate about.

You can easily assess skill set and experience; traits like initiative are trickier to evaluate. Use the questions above as a starting point to uncover the candidates with the ambition and passion you need.


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