It’s a candidate’s world in healthcare IT. The lack of qualified technology professionals is even beginning to become a crisis in other industries. For instance, as hackers run rampant, the cybersecurity field is experiencing a major shortage. One estimate puts that number at 3.5 million unfilled positions globally by 2021.

So if you’re searching out new hires to staff your healthcare organization, how can you compete? The answer’s easier than you think: by partnering with healthcare IT recruiters. When you do, your organization can leverage the power of the latest methods and strategies for sourcing qualified candidates, all so you get the tech talent you need in a timely manner. Some of these include:

Branding your business.

Most candidates research a company’s reputation before applying to a position. Therefore, if your employer reputation is under the radar or negative in any way, it can impact the quality of applicants you’re attracting.

How an IT recruiter helps: A professional recruiter can help by coaching you on how to enhance your employer brand, from defining it clearly to promoting it effectively.

Creating a better candidate experience.

What’s your recruiting process like? If it’s not seamless, then you’re losing out on top candidates. For instance, if the online application process is slow and cumbersome, or candidates are left in the dark for too long after an interview, they’ll simply move onto the many other hiring companies and opportunities available in the healthcare IT industry.

How an IT recruiter helps: By collaborating with an experienced tech recruiter, you can ensure this process is simple and straightforward, for instance by employing the right digital tools and creating more candidate touch points.

Sourcing on social media.

Social media is a rich source for technology candidates. Using it to recruit, however, goes beyond just posting jobs. It includes proactively seeking out talent, building relationships with them, and promoting your employer brand to them – bringing your company to life in a more personal way.

How an IT recruiter helps: The right recruiting partner can support you in the process in a number of ways. For instance, they can work with you to define which social media sites are most relevant for your hiring needs, as well as use social media ads to broadcast your job openings.

Another benefit of working with an IT recruiter is that they can help you take advantage of more sophisticated strategies, like the ones above, as well as those that have been time-tested, like networking offline, word of mouth and candidate referrals. You’ll get the best of all worlds – and the stream of candidates you need – to better support your business goals.

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